*/-- "You think WE'RE insane? Talk to the millions of people who
   bought this exact sales pitch hook, line, and sinker."

On 11/18/2014 11:54 AM, salyavin808 wrote:

Inspired. Here's a genuine conversation I had with a TM teacher at the academy:

"When you are enlightened you only have to desire something and it will be fulfilled instantly"

Really, what anything? I've got some pretty wild dreams you know..

"Ah, but when you are enlightened your desires are fully in tune with the Laws of Nature so they may be different to what they are now"

More modest perhaps? Not so many lottery wins, time machines and supermodel girlfriends?

"You won't desire money or sex because your desires are already fulfilled"

So what will I desire then?

"Rice and dhal. Provided you have a job"

Huh? I don't even get free money?

"It doesn't work with money, money isn't part of natural law"

But the Time Machine, I'll get that?

"I guarantee it"

(On my life that was a true conversation. Except for the rice and dhal answer. This guy had NO sense of humour)
/And so you bought it, hook line and sinker, and stayed on at the TM Center for the next ten years. Go figure./

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