Someone must have said the TM was the fastest way to enlightenment. I seem to 
recall hear that phrase, or something similar to it. On a quick search I found 
a website page that mentioned it:

 'Maharishi is a disciple of the now deceased, former Shankaracharya of North 
India, Swami Brahmananda Saraswati. This great swami was a Surya Yogin, and one 
of the characteristics of a Surya Yogin is that he teaches in a manner which 
causes different disciples to draw different conclusions about the nature of 
his teaching. A good example of this is the disparity in the teachings of 
Maharishi and those of Swami Prakashananda, both disciples of Swami Brahmananda 
Saraswati. The former claims that "TM" (a form of Raja Yoga) is the fastest way 
to enlightenment and the latter claims that his version of Bhakti Yoga is not 
only the fastest way, but also the only way to reach "the highest dimensions of 
spiritual awareness". Forgetting for the moment that both of these attitudes 
are not in harmony with key principles of The Art of Multi-dimensional Living, 
let us stay focused on Maharishi's contributions to the transformation of world 
consciousness and how he interpreted and developed Swami Brahmananda 
Saraswati's basic teaching.'


 Another web page with a similar mention.

 'The reason he once started meditation was because of a meditation

 teachter that told him when he was twenty: hey, Transcendental

 Meditation is the fastest way to enlightenment. Then I knew: this is

 what I was looking for.'

So the phrase seems to have been around. I think it is likely Maharishi said it 
at some point, as he always exaggerated for effect. I recall also something 
about in 5 years you would be enlightened with TM. I think Charlie Lutes said 
it. But then he added that Maharishi forgot to add the zeros.

 I recall some governors in the mid seventies saying Maharishi said that some 
of them (in the group they were in on a course) might get enlightened, 
implying, because they were young, they might have enough time before they died.

 If enlightenment is a state 'out of time', .i.e., eternal, how is it possible 
to get enlightened temporally? If it is reality, it already has to be here, 
whether it is realised or not. It is not a matter of doing something. It is a 
matter of letting something that is going on now stopping, so that the 
anticipation that enlightenment is going to be some event at a future time no 
longer arises in experience; then there is the possibility.

 For any one individual, there is no fastest path, there is only what happens 
with that particular person, 30 seconds; 70 years; never; who knows?

 What is the worst path to enlightenment, the one that takes the longest, but 
still works? Could it be we have already learned it?


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 Same conclusion as everyone else's - Edg nailed it to the wall.

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 That is my recollection as well, as one who did give many lectures and teach 

 It just wasn't a talking point.

 Of course was going to produce dozens of teachers who claimed something, I 
forget what, a few days ago.

 I requested he produce one, which of course he couldn't.

 What the f, do you think the lurking reporters make of this guy?

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 Barry is trolling. I have never heard anyone in the TM Org, including my 
teacher, say that TM was the fastest way to enlightenment. It is not on any 
tapes, or in any lectures, or books. I challenge Barry to find even one 
recorded instance of this phrase, used by anyone in the TMO. He is more 
interested in tooting his limp horn, than any sort of reality based 
conversation. As usual.

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 Actually, Barry, you've discounted Maharishi's progress on the spiritual path 
as someone who had achieved nothing.  At the same time you've discussed your 
experiences practicing his technique, which happen to coincide with the 
signposts of higher consciousness outlined by M. 

 I always had a feeling that it would emerge that you would in some way appoint 
yourself as being the "One".

 Maybe consider changing your handle to "Neo turq", or "Neo Barry"

 No need to be modest about it.

 Come out of the closet, boy.

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 It's not so much a rumor, more of a sales pitch or claim, but I've always 
gotten a chuckle from "TM is the fastest path to enlightenment on the planet," 
coming from an organization that in over 50 years has been unable to produce 
even a single person they can point at and say, "This person is enlightened, 
and got that way as a result of practicing TM." 


 Think of it...over 50 years with a single "success story" they're willing to 
present in public, and they still claim to be "the fastest path." 





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