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 So, there has never been a model, of how an enlightened person acts, as a 
householder. Maharishi brought out a lot of elements regarding diet, 
architecture, health, and even fashion (saris and crowns, robes and cream 
colored suits) that although provocative, and even quietly revolutionary, will 
only be adopted by a tiny minority. The trick is to weave an enlightened life 
within our own culture, and culture in the West favors the individual, so we 
are back to square one. :-)

 This is what I don't get, the idea that some people have that you can know who 
is "enlightened" and who isn't. The fact that they can have this ingrained set 
of ideas of how enlightened people act is quite hilarious. I mean, on what are 
these ideas based? Where did they come from? It seems like if enlightened 
people were to follow the 'guidelines' of what some here seem to think 
enlightenment means you'd be the most boring person on the planet. Perhaps 
their ideas are along the lines of acting like some bookish saint, doing plenty 
of volunteer time at your local food kitchen and ASPCA, donating a few organs 
and baking pies and casseroles for the neighborhood after having built your 
neighbor's barn and knitted a slew of sweaters for the needy. I say most have 
very old fashioned and limited views on this enlightenment business. What, an 
enlightened person can show anger or impatience? Pish posh.





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