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"seriously, people get locked into all the past pictures of enlightened teachers, and even Maharishi was not exactly a slacks and polo type of guy. And the religions have fucked up the image for good, insisting that solely doing good works (according to them), keeping in line, reading surface prayers, and mouthing platitudes about "helping the poor" and being "nice", will lead to our salvation. So it is a lot of context for us to overcome, to truly gain our freedom, our inner silence, and continue to be ourselves - even though that is the simple end result of enlightenment - fully being ourselves."
/It's like a Zen koan, Jim - we are all enlightened at birth, but we don't realize it. Then, due to our environment and culture we get saddled with conceptions, thoughts and assumptions by the time we are teenagers. If we could remain as innocent as little babies, we would all be happy everyday, almost all the time, just enjoying the bliss consciousness.

The question is: why do we have to strive so hard//just to come back to our original condition?/

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that is funny Jim.  a very simple, yet relevant observation.

yes, Barry has embarked on the path that has enlightenment as it's conclusion, but just can't handle that someone may have reached the goal.

maybe along the lines, "if I can't have it, no one can".

really, a childish attitude, indicating one might be stuck in a early stage of development.

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