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There appears to be a common misconception that science and religion cannot 
mix.  That's not necessarily true.  
But usually it is true because the mind set one needs for science and the one 
needed for religion are poles apart; science is sceptical, questioning, and the 
argument from authority simply is an impediment to finding out stuff. Religion 
is accepting often to the point of total gullibility. Science deals with facts, 
religion generally prefers to avoid them. Since the rise of scientific thought, 
religion has been backsliding against the onslaught of knowledge ever since. 
Things once thought exclusively in the realm of religion are now solidly in the 
realm of science.
The "realm of religion" is as nonsensical as sitting around postulating what 
color dragons are. 

Some call themselves atheists, but they don't know what it really means nor 
have they logically thought out the arguments for atheism.
No "arguments for atheism" are needed. It's only theists who seem to have some 
emotional need to argue for the existence of something they believe in that 
they cannot prove exists. Given my example above, there is actually more 
evidence of the one-time existence of dragons than there is for the existence 
of God. 

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