/You guys are making yourselves look very prejudiced and mixed up. Both of you are probably using Chinese-made computers and neither of you can read or understand a single word of Chinese.//Go figure./
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Thanks, that really brightened up my day! Wonder what the lyrics mean? Something really profound I'll bet...

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*/In one video. Eight million people found this interesting? WTF, indeed.../*
*/This Chinese Music Video Is Every Kind Of WTF <http://www.incrediblethings.com/video/chinese-music-video-every-kind-wtf/>/*

image <http://www.incrediblethings.com/video/chinese-music-video-every-kind-wtf/>
This Chinese Music Video Is Every Kind Of WTF <http://www.incrediblethings.com/video/chinese-music-video-every-kind-wtf/> This is a batshit insane music video for the song "Chick Chick" by Chinese pop group Wang Rong Rollin. It makes stuff like "What Does The Fox Say?" seem ab

View on www.incrediblething... <http://www.incrediblethings.com/video/chinese-music-video-every-kind-wtf/>
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