maybe try skipping the gratuitous "slam" on occasion 

 (if you want a challenge, that is)

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 If I were to find out, beyond a reasonable doubt, that there was no God, I'd 
probably have a pretty good chuckle and move on. Let it go and take it as it 
comes. I might even get a bit philisophical about it and ponder what that 
belief did for me along the road to that discovery. All in all... I'd forgive 
myself and move on. I guess that's what my belief did for me.

 Good for you. It would be easier for me because I skipped that annoying 
interim "belief" step.  :-)


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   If you were find out for sure that there is NO God, would you feel a sense 
of loss, as if your life had been diminished in some way or wasted believing in 

 We non-theists wouldn't. It would have no impact on our lives whatsoever. 

 If your answer to the question is "Yes," it seems to me that your faith in God 
is based on habit, neediness and fear, not on any kind of positive belief. 





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