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Especially for Sal and Turq!!
OK, I confess. I'm really a Born Again Muslim Scientologist who believes a 
giant, immortal extraterrestrial octopus teamed up with the One True God and 
invented karma and astrology so that we can avoid the fires of Hell when our 
opponent, the Christian One True God, stakes a claim on my eternal soul before 
I get to the Nirvana room of the many afterlife's that I also believe I'll go 
to before my next life on this plane of bliss if I don't attain a particular 
state of unconsciousness. 
I've just been embarrassed to admit it, stuck in a foxhole as I am... Have a 
yagya on me!
I can top that. I don't believe in God because I AM GOD. 

I just don't believe that you guys exist. 

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