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> Raj Mata of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
> (as told by Dr. Neil Patterson) 
> "In 1976, the Raj Mata of Lucknow, U. P., came to visit Maharishi 
> Switzerland. She had been a great devotee of Guru Dev when he was 
> Shankaracharya and Guru Dev used to stay at the Royal Palace 
> whenever he would visit Lucknow. Raj Mata told me that she 
> Maharishi when he was a brahmachari serving Guru Dev, but she 
> didn't pay much attention to him at the time. However, she was 
> surprised years later, after Guru Dev had left this earth, when 
> people would come to herÂ…people who had known Guru Dev and who had 
> recently seen Maharishi. They would tell Raj Mata that Maharishi 
> just like Guru Dev. At first, Raj Mata said she didn't believe 
> But throughout the sixties and early seventies, people kept 
> her that Maharishi was just like Guru Dev and that she should go 
> see him. So, finally, she decided that before the end of her life, 
> she had to come and see for herself. She stayed with us for about 
> three months. On the day she was leaving, I escorted her to 
> Maharishi's meeting room where she was to see him for the last 
> and with my assistance she sat on the floor. I protested that 
> Maharishi would not want her to sit on the floor but she said to 
> in a very heartful tone,
> 'Oh no, you do not understand. When all those people told me that 
> Maharishi was just like Guru Dev, I came to see for myself. But 
> having been with Maharishi these past few months, I can see that 
> they were wrong. Maharishi is not like Guru Dev, He is Guru Dev. 
> There is no difference between the two. Maharishi got completely 
> absorbed in Guru Dev's Being and became That. Maharishi is not 
> the disciple who is just like the Master. He is the Master. He is 
> Guru Dev and therefore I have to sit at his feet.'">>

Jai Guru Dev.
Jai Mahalakshmi.


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