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Hi, Just to tweak your story a bit, I wasn't born enlightened. I barely made it out alive, and it was awhile before I could breathe by myself (a couple of months, at least).

/The important thing is that you awakened from your slumber - that's what a Buddha does.

I like life infinitely better, now.

Yogis enjoy - ascetics suffer.
Enlightenment is not a static state, either, as you seem to imply.
/You're just trying to confuse us now, Jim - everyone knows that the Absolute is a static state - it's the relative gunas that move around, change and react to the other gunas./

/"Two birds sat on a tree; one ate the fruit, the other looked on." - Upanishads/
Just as there are techniques to increase our skill in any area of life, so it is with enlightenment,
/That's called "skill-in-action" - grounded in Being, then act. /
also - Unbounded awareness is not just a catch phrase.
/SBS said that Brahman is the already existent Light - it needs no other light for illumination. //According to Maharishi, TM meditation is NOT the cause of enlightenment - it merely provides the ideal opportunity for transcending./

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    No one is just spouting empty words, except you, and the one in
    the dog house. I made the point a few weeks ago, when responding
    to Curtis, that Enlightenment means success in the world, with
    family, friends, career, finances, and general accomplishment of
    desires. Enlightenment by itself means nothing to a householder.
    Pure awareness, accompanying waking, sleeping, and dreaming,
    brings success. I find it hilarious when I say this, and the
    three of you clam up, like, well....clams.

    /It's understandable that others might be JELLOS of your material
    situation, Jim, but most normal people don't display such emotions
    in public.

    Years ago I stated that we are all enlightened at birth - all we
    have to do is realize our own birthright. //There's really nothing
    anyone can DO to get into the enlightened state - we are all born
    with it, but we lose it very early on due to karmic circumstances.
    All an individual can really do is try to provide for themselves
    the ideal opportunity for the realization to dawn.
    //Rita and I worked hard all our life to get where we are, to be
    able to retire with a few bucks in the bank and enjoy life. All
    our children are grown up now, so we feel we've done what had to
    be done.

    All along we've done the Work as householders, but w//e know that
    we are only going to get as much enlightenment as we are going to
    get. It's way too late for us to complain that others have more
    than we do.

    We believe in Life - what it does to you and what you do back. /

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    So Buck as long as someone talks the talk, you just take him at
    his word? Shit, I screwed up - I should have  claimed the same
    blabber when I first got on FFL, claimed enlightenment and done a
    "Meet the Enlightened Guy Tour" in Fairfield and cleaned all your
    wallets out. Lesson learned.

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