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 Had to look up the term punters - do you mean it in the sense of someone who 
gambles, is a paying customer or paying customer of a whore?

Number 2 for these purposes.
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 I knew it! It was that picture you posted, where the hint of a tentacle could 
be seen, curling round the edge of your coffee cup - Exposed!!  

 PS heard the Nirvana room is closed for "renovation", 'til 2016 - bummer. 
Rumor has it that Krishna manifested all 6 million of His beings at once, and 
they trashed the place more thoroughly than Keith Moon at a Holiday Inn. Next 
door, at Samadhi might be your thing, though, if you like sensory deprivation 
tanks, and lots of black velvet...remember to tip generously. 

 Aw, you mean I've got to stay alive for 2 more years to get the room I want? 
How irritatingly inconvenient. I might skip the whole thing and go straight to 
rebirth. With all my accumulated spiritual wisdom [ahem] I'm a shoo-in for the 
top job in Neo Hinduism. I could combine physics and spirituality to make money 
out of gullible punters, oops, I mean my beloved flock could give generously to 
create Heaven on Earth. Maybe I'd better work on the slogans for a bit 
longer... Samadhi it is!


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 Especially for Sal and Turq!!

 OK, I confess. I'm really a Born Again Muslim Scientologist who believes a 
giant, immortal extraterrestrial octopus teamed up with the One True God and 
invented karma and astrology so that we can avoid the fires of Hell when our 
opponent, the Christian One True God, stakes a claim on my eternal soul before 
I get to the Nirvana room of the many afterlife's that I also believe I'll go 
to before my next life on this plane of bliss if I don't attain a particular 
state of unconsciousness. 

 I've just been embarrassed to admit it, stuck in a foxhole as I am... Have a 
yagya on me!


ATHEISTS DON'T EXIST! (ft. Jaclyn Glenn) 
 ATHEISTS DON'T EXIST! (ft. Jaclyn Glenn) 

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