Let me spell it out for you; I don't *need* to believe in God. (Just as I don't 
*need* to believe in immortality.) 
 I don't *need* to be around people who do believe in God - I'm actually a fan 
of those aggressive atheists who attack religion as most of what they say I 
agree with 100 per cent - and I enjoy a good argument.

 I have no emotional investment in the idea of belief whatsoever. The "God" 
hypothesis simply seems to make more sense to me of why we find ourselves in 
the situation we do find ourselves in. If the scientific-materialist worldview 
made more sense I'd willingly accept it.

 I use the word "God" as a convenient label. I'd be happier talking of "The 
Absolute" or "The One". It's the ground from which the figure emerges (in 
Gestalt-speak). In Roman philosopher Plotinus's take on the question of 
ultimate issues he regarded The One as having precisely zero interest in the 
affairs of humans; his was a purely philosophical concept (based on his own 
mystical experiences). I agree that many religious believers probably are 
seeking some kind of security blanket. But I'm not.

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 You also. I noticed from a previous post of yours (if I'm not misremembering) 
that you approved of David Bentley Hart's The Experience of God: Being, 
Consciousness, Bliss. Like you, I find that style of approaching the subject 
like mother's milk. You either get it, or you don't!


 S3raphita, if you and the Get Barry 'Bot are trying to imply that I would 
probably not be interested in the book you mention, you are correct. The very 
title makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little :-), because it's so 
obviously a Sales Pitch For The Belief In God. Not interested. I can think of 
no reading material that I would consider more of a waste of my time.

 I see such books -- and the people who try to press them on me -- a lot like a 
salesman at an Outdoor Outfitter's store to which I have gone to buy supplies 
for a mountain-climbing expedition. I've already bought everything I actually 
need, but now the salesman is trying to sell me a 12-inch-high stone statue of 
his favorite God. The conversation goes something like this:

 - "Why on earth would I want this?"
 - "Because it's a representation of God, and if you carry it and believe in 
it, God will keep you safe."
 - "Uh huh. So if I carry this God of yours and talk to it, it'll answer me 
back and tell me the best path up the mountain?"
 - "Well, no...it won't actually talk back to you, but it'll give you the faith 
to choose the Right Path."
 - "I've got a map for that, and it weighs less than an ounce. How much does 
this invaluable statue/belief system you're trying to sell me weigh?"
 - "About two pounds. And worth every ounce." 

 - "No thanks."

 An interest in "God" or reading about a hypothetical one just isn't my cuppa 
tea. I consider it a pastime for Weak People, who seem to feel that they *NEED* 
some kinda God to explain the universe around them. I don't, so why should I 
read books about this concept by Weak People, written for other Weak People? If 
I am in the mood for poetry, I'll read some real poetry, not that weak, 
namby-pamby stuff in so-called "scriptures" that people claim is poetry. If I 
want adventure, I'll read a good adventure book, either fiction or non-fiction. 
And if I want something to inspire me with new ideas, I'll read a book full of 
ideas that have some relationship to reality and the real world. I am very 
pragmatic these days and have almost no interest in the purely theoretical, 
considering it largely a Waste Of Time. 


 Bottom line is that while I think it's just swell if people like to believe in 
this made-up thing they call God, I bristle at them trying to convince me there 
is one and that I should believe in it, too. That strikes me as *the whole 
problem* with believers -- their belief makes them so WEAK that they can't bear 
to be around people who don't believe in the same made-up God that they do. 
They seem to need the "strength in numbers" that they find when surrounded by 
only people who believe the same things they do. So they start wars and 
Inquisitions to *force* everyone to believe in it. Or they write books to try 
to sell the idea. Either way, it's just old and boring and I, for one, have 
better things to do with my time. 


 To quote you, you either get this or you don't. :-) 


 Don't mind bawee, Seraphita, his head still burns from the scorching Edg gave 
him the other day. He doesn't like it when smarter, much smarter, people than 
himself dress him down so soundly. That and that picture Jim posted of him is 
still really, really bugging him. I wonder if bawee's BS will notify him of my 
post here. Oh yea, bawee doesn't have a BS, he is just full of it. 

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