Now he is a science writer.

 Do you have a list of the books that Barry has had published? Are they 
available on Amazon? Perhaps all his literary endeavors are "works in progress" 
. . . 



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 On 11/20/2014 5:05 PM, jr_esq  wrote:

 I think Barry is hallucinating most of the time.  That's why he's quoting some 
words which he thinks came from me.  
 Maybe he is so desperate for attention that he felt he needed to make up 
stuff, to make himself look superior to everyone else. 
 To tell you the truth, I have no idea where he got that crap from. >
 Maybe he felt that his writing just didn't stand on it's own, so he thought he 
would embellish his spiritual status. 
  Similarly, he's more likely telling us the same thing about Lenz.  
 He does seem to take a certain pride in his past spiritual endeavors. 
 IOW he saw things that never occurred. >
 The problem is his cognitive dissonance. You know he probably once believed in 
Rama or he wouldn't have spent all that time following Lenz around and paying 
his hotel and airfare - and tithing 20% of his weekly paycheck to the group. 
 There's no way he is going to back down now, after investing so much.
 Barry was so far into the trance induction that he actually put up a whole web 
site dedicated to the teachings of Fred Lenz and invited us to view it - now he 
doesn't want to talk about it. Go figure.
 The funny thing about Barry is that he threw both of his teachers under the 
bus, just to get back at Judy. Now he is a science writer who doesn't even 
believe in the Big Bang.
 Barry seems to be so mixed up these days that I don't know how he even makes 
it to the local bar to get on the free Wi-Fi.

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