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 Dear Jim, I have refrained from thinking about, responding to or reading 
anything to do with bawee lately. (Okay, Edg's post got me excited, I have to 
admit.) But I have finally figured it out; bawee does not actually exist. No 
one like the way he acts could possibly be real. He is a product of a few 
individuals who have created the equivalent of a sort of Frankensteinian 
patchwork of characteristics that don't quite meld and match and work together 
in a coordinated way. I mean, what red-blooded animated human being actually 
believes what he does and continues to express it so badly and so repetitively? 
Who would be willing to continue to illustrate what they thought they believed 
if they realized how others were perceiving them? You see, this 'creation' is a 
non-starter, he is a fiction, a badly-formed first attempt at a believable 
entity. Back to the drawing board boys. I have seen behind the curtain and it's 
not a pretty sight. The great and powerful Oz has spoken.

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