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If you were find out for sure that there is NO God, would you feel a sense of 
loss, as if your life had been diminished in some way or wasted believing in 
We non-theists wouldn't. It would have no impact on our lives whatsoever. 
Of course it would have no impact for non-theists! What a dumb comparison. The 
corresponding question for *non-theists* should be: "If you were to find out 
for sure that there IS a God, would you feel a sense of loss, as if your life 
had been diminished in some way or wasted not believing in one?" How would you 
answer that?
Already answered in another thread -- absolutely nothing would change in my 

I suspect that a more interesting question might be, "What is it you're 
imagining that I would feel or how I would act  if it were proved that a 
sentient God existed?" 

Would you imagine that I'd *praise* Him/Her/It?  Fall down on my knees and say, 
"Hey God...good job inventing ebola and that typhoon you created last month 
that killed 12,000 of your human really nailed it with those 
two...great work."
Would you imagine that I'd somehow change my behavior out of fear of what this 
God-thug might *do* to me after I died? That's SO not gonna happen. :-)
So I'm interested in what you *imagine* that a non-believer might or should do, 
confronted with proof of God's existence. I'm happy to stand on "Not a damned 
thing in my life would change," but I get the feeling you won't be happy with 
that answer. Do you somehow imagine that I'd feel *bad* about not having spent 
my life worshiping or praising the thug who invented ebola?  :-)
I'm just foolin' around, having fun with ideas, but your question does bring up 
for me my incredulity about the whole notion of "prayer" or "praise." Whether 
it's kneeling down and asking some supposed God to change His/Her/Its rules 
just for you or singing to them and trying to influence them with offerings of 
fruit and incense in a yagya, I've just never gotten the concept. I mean, do 
people who do this have such a low opinion of their God that they think 
He/She/It can actually be *bribed* or *flattered*? That strikes me as a pretty 
puny God, if so...

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