Now you've done it, Buck. You'll be the next target now.  :-)
Seriously, I like some of your stuff, too. I just wish you'd drop the flowery, 
archaic language and the insinuation that you or any other "meditator" is 
better than anyone else. And I wish you'd drop the silly Colbert schtick with 
"Buck" and just be Doug Hamilton. That would be more honest. 

But I *do* like the thread and thank you for drawing it to my attention. I 
hadn't seen it before, natch, because everyone participating in it besides you 
is blocked. 

It's good to see confirmation that one of the biggest concerns of someone who 
claims to be enlightened is how many "supporters" he or someone he doesn't like 
has. It's like a flashback to the Mean Girls Club period here at FFL.  :-)


   From: " [FairfieldLife]" 
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 Subject: [FairfieldLife] Re: A complete list of Barry Wright's supporters on 
    Actually I stand by Turquoiseb; some of us would be nothing on FFL if it 
were not for Turqb.  Considering Turqb as a source it seems we have come to 
know him a lot better as time has gone along.  He appears a sympathetic 
character as you come to understand his perspective.  I always read his rants 
for the perspective they give even though they are often filled with negativity 
and denouncement.

-Buck in the Dome

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