In other words, Barry was hypnotized. That isn't the easy answer, as Barry 
would have us believe, that is the impossible to admit answer.:-) :-) :-)

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 Sorry. No hypnosis, no suggestion -- either prior to the things we witnessed 
or afterwards. 


 That would be the "easy explanation" on one level, but unfortunately it 
doesn't match the reality of what people experienced around him. On another 
level, it's even more problematic, because you're suggesting someone who could 
hypnotize hundreds of people at once -- many of whom he'd never met before.


 I've often wished that I had the ability to do whatever it was that he did, 
and could demonstrate it to sceptics on this forum. What I'd do is take each 
person who thinks they've got their shit together and demonstrate levitation to 
them -- but while they were alone with me, no other witnesses. I'd make sure 
that they'd seen it and admitted to me that they'd seen it, and then I'd smile 
and leave, saying, " you're in the same position I am...go forth and 
try to convince anyone else that you saw what you saw. Heh heh."

 Seriously, s3raphita, I really don't give a shit what you or anyone else 
thinks about what I and hundreds of others experienced. We're still trying to 
figure it out ourselves. And one of the only things we can say for sure is that 
it doesn't seem that any kind of traditional hypnotism was employed.

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 How do we explain Barry's conviction that he witnessed Lenz rise up from the 


 Premise 1: The laws of physics imply that levitation events as claimed by 
Barry are improbable-verging-on-the- impossible.

 Premise 2: Barry is not communicating with us from the padded cell of an 
institute for the incurably insane.
 Premise 3: One in five people are suitable subjects for deep-hypnosis 

 Premise 4: Frederick Lenz was a hypnotist. (This seems likely in view of the 
testimony of ex-followers who do claim that Lenz could use mass hypnosis.)



 It's commonplace in hypnosis work to induce negative and positive visual 
hallucinations - I've seen Derren Brown convince someone that he (Derren) was 
invisible and that objects moving around in front of him were levitating - 
though we observers could see Derren himself simply lifting up and putting down 
the items. I can't see why a hypnotist couldn't persuade people that he was 
floating mid-air.

 That may not even be necessary: if Lenz was simply to give someone a 
post-hypnotic suggestion that they'd have the memory of having seen the master 
float - then induce amnesia of what was said during the hypnotic trance itself 
- the subject would faithfully recall the miraculous event. As 20 per cent of 
people are natural somnambulists, maybe Lenz selected from that group to be in 
his inner circle. Barry may not be naturally somnambulistic but as he's been 
into lots of weird shit he's probably trained himself to enter altered states.

 So I wonder if Barry recalls ever being formally hypnotised by Lenz?

 Maybe someone has another explanation?





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