I think what we see in Barry's continual, everyday need to bash believers, is 
that he himself, is believer, or a theist, if you prefer. 

 But that, evidently causes him so much CD, that he feels he must show the 
world that he can be the foremost ridiculer of believers, I guess to elevate 
his standing in that regard.

 It is a common form of CD, such that members of congress who are closeted gay, 
are often the foremost proponents of anti gay legislation.

 Or religious leaders, who in their secret lives act out all the behaviors they 
rail against at the pulpit.

 Yes, a measure of compassion is in order for the 'ol SOB.


---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <fleetwood_macncheese@...> wrote :

 Yes, I am perplexed when someone says they find Barry's perspectives 
"interesting" or "thought provoking". It is a simple formula he uses here, over 
and over and over, again: 

 1. Take a conventional view. (ex: belief in God)
 2. Simplify it, to the point of absurdity. (ex: God is an old man who tells us 
what to do)
 3. Accuse forum members of being "gullible idiots", and guilty of believing in 
the straw man just created.
 4. Pontificate about why you are superior, because you don't believe in the 
straw man.

 Anyone impressed by this behavior, simply leaves me speechless.

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 In contrast, I find most of what TurquoiseB says, simplistic, and often 
mentally confused. His discrimination in terms of experience, is the same way. 
I am not sure the point you are making, Buck - Is it that we all build 
character, by dealing with such a person? I certainly don't let such a person 
stand in my way, though I would never congratulate such a horrid personality, 
or invite such behavior into my social and family life. I see Barry for who he 
is, and am damned glad he is as far away, as he is. 

 I don't know what Buck is saying either. Perhaps he will enlighten us (heh) on 
that one. Maybe he is saying bawee's perspective brings people together because 
some here have an actual brain that can discriminate between all the the BS and 
that, ultimately, we will see him with compassion due to his disabilities. I 
don't bloody well know. But then Buck is, as Judy once explained to me, a 
"cipher". Where is that woman, anyway?? I miss her. I like a woman with 
intelligence. She had lots to spare. Love her or hate her -  she had character, 
chutzpah and a great intellect. 

 - Jim in a parking lot
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 Actually I stand by Turquoiseb; some of us would be nothing on FFL if it were 
not for Turqb. Considering Turqb as a source it seems we have come to know him 
a lot better as time has gone along. He appears a sympathetic character as you 
come to understand his perspective. I always read his rants for the perspective 
they give even though they are often filled with negativity and denouncement.

-Buck in the Dome 

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