It really isn't ganging up, Share, anymore than everyone laughing at the same 
joke at a comedy club, is ganging up, on the subject of that joke. Think about 
it. Yes, there is something that bothers you here, but you haven't got it yet.

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 Steve, I don't mind when people confront turq one on one. But I really don't 
like it when the piling on and ganging up happens. Something about that seems 
very unhealthy to me, mainly for the people doing it.


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for theists than I have...
   A good question Share.

 Here's the short answer.  There is a time for compassion to be shown, and a 
time to address BS head on.

 I am bothered by the continual mis-perceptions Barry throws out here, and feel 
compelled to address them.

 Pretty much as simple as that.

 That, and the fact that I think he is mean person, with no self awareness in 
that regard.


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 Steve and Fleetwood, if you really think this way, then why not show some 

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theists than I have...
   My conclusion too, Steve. He sounds very disturbed, in the paragraph below.
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 or possibly that something is seriously broken in your life. 

 I don't think I'd discount that possibility.

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 One of the reasons I speak in such a derogatory way about God-believers here 
is that I figure after centuries of them putting down non-believers all the 
time (not to mention killing them, burning them at the stake, etc.) they should 
get a taste of their own medicine. That, and the fact that I really DO consider 
many God-believers pretty much as stupid as I say they are. :-) 

 But every so often, it's probably good to present the point of view of a more 
balanced atheist who has more compassion for the idiots trying to shout him 
down than I have. Consider this my contribution to FFL in this respect...






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