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 Can the new TMO since the passing away of Maharishi afford ($) to keep the 
archives of Maharishi in Vlodrop? It might be better to place them in a public 
institution, like a special collection at Harvard or Oxford libraries or some 
place like that for safe-keeping for future generations.
Jai Guru Dev,
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 Harvard or Oxford? What would they want with it there? Unless the boiler needs 
a bit of fuel. I suspect you are over-valuing the objective quality of the 

 I think the preservation of beloved religious texts is up to the devotees of 
the groups concerned. It's shame that Marshy didn't follow Elron's footsteps 
and tax everyone 20% of their wages like in $cientology as the TMO would have 
enough money for a nice little library by now. 

 All the publications the UK TMO ever made are in dusty boxes in the loft in 
Skelmersdale. I know because I put them there. There doesn't seem to be any 
enthusiasm for public display. I'm sure Maharishi would have said we should 
carry the knowledge inside us and demonstrate it with our glowing and 
enlightened persona's. To that end, I'm quitting work early and going down the 

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