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 Steve, I don't mind when people confront turq one on one. But I really don't 
like it when the piling on and ganging up happens. Something about that seems 
very unhealthy to me, mainly for the people doing it.


Don't worry about it Share, it's their time they waste and Barry is probably 
chuckling to himself over his cappuccino. I know him well enough to know he 
loves a good tease! 

 Busted. And worse, it's a fair cop.  :-)

 Besides, after all this meditating people are supposed to be "line on air" but 
for some reason they get real sensitive. Is this proof that it isn't working?

 Steve has lost the plot completely recently and makes no effort to think about 
what he writes, maybe he's having trouble at home and needs to escape to a 
world where he can dump on someone else? I'm just speculating because if my 
time here is ever reduced to simply gainsaying other people I'd realise it 
wasn't working and be off to the beach!

 It's still a bit frosty here for beach weather, but (strangely enough, given 
what I read about weather in other parts of the world), it's still warm enough 
that I am comfortable here on the outdoor terrace of one of my favorite 
pubs...and in mid-November. This kind of weather is simply unheard-of in the 
Netherlands, so I'm far from the only person here. 


 But I've probably lost the thread...what were we talking about?  :-)


 I don't know either, you just got me thinking about last weekend when I was 
sitting on a bench by the sea in a T-shirt thinking how nice it was in the sun. 
And I've just seen the weather for this weekend and it's the same! Got a nice 
day out planned too. 

 Normally I'm stocking up on mince pies about now but it's still cream tea 
weather! This global warming may be ultimately bad news but it helps your 
coffee stay warmer for longer.  Stop and smell the roses that's what I say.


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for theists than I have...
   A good question Share.

 Here's the short answer.  There is a time for compassion to be shown, and a 
time to address BS head on.

 I am bothered by the continual mis-perceptions Barry throws out here, and feel 
compelled to address them.

 Pretty much as simple as that.

 That, and the fact that I think he is mean person, with no self awareness in 
that regard.


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 Steve and Fleetwood, if you really think this way, then why not show some 

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theists than I have...
   My conclusion too, Steve. He sounds very disturbed, in the paragraph below.
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 or possibly that something is seriously broken in your life. 

 I don't think I'd discount that possibility.

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 One of the reasons I speak in such a derogatory way about God-believers here 
is that I figure after centuries of them putting down non-believers all the 
time (not to mention killing them, burning them at the stake, etc.) they should 
get a taste of their own medicine. That, and the fact that I really DO consider 
many God-believers pretty much as stupid as I say they are. :-) 

 But every so often, it's probably good to present the point of view of a more 
balanced atheist who has more compassion for the idiots trying to shout him 
down than I have. Consider this my contribution to FFL in this respect...







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