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 Do you consider it compassionate, to encourage him passively, in the direction 
of his delusions? I don't. Barry  is one sick monkey.


The most compassionate thing I can do for Barry, is be myself. I don't know 
what me showing him compassion, looks like to you, Share. This IS an open 
forum, where we choose to read what we want to. He is easily able to not read 
what I write.  
 I find him borderline crazy, and socially maladjusted, and I don't mind saying 
so. Barry is not asking for pity, nor showing any sort of normal social 
interaction here, and I happily share my reaction to that. He is an infinite 
being, as am I, and a few well chosen words in his direction are very helpful 
for him, imo. Consider me his long absent voices, of reason, conscience, and 

 Beautiful and insightful answer Fleet. You are one reason I stick around. You 
are smart, interesting, can engage in a conversation without getting defensive, 
rude or lose the thread. You have a brilliant sense of humour and you say it 
like it is. No one pushes you around yet you are willing, in a moment, to 
engage peacefully with someone who, a post before, you might have had "words" 
with. In a word, you seem very, very balanced and I like it. This idea of 
showing bawee "compassion" when he spends every single post mocking and lying 
about others is like saying let the rabid dog run loose and continue to bite 
people because the poor thing is sick and can't help itself. You aren't doing 
that dog any favors and you certainly aren't showing any sense of 
self-preservation when that dog continues to slobber and rip your face off. 
bawee may be troubled but no amount of allowing him to abuse others here is 
gonna fix him.


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