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 On 11/20/2014 9:07 PM, dhamiltony2k5 wrote:
 > Actually I stand by Turquoiseb; some of us would be nothing 
 > on FFL if it were not for Turqb.  Considering Turqb as a source 
 > it seems we have come to know him a lot better as time has 
 > gone along.  He appears a sympathetic character as you come 
 > to understand his perspective.  I always read his rants for the 
 > perspective they give even though they are often filled with 
 > negativity and denouncement.
 > -Buck in the Dome
 Maybe that's the problem - we don't know what his perspective is because he 
won't talk to us about anything - he is too arrogant and defensive and just 
plain JELLOS at times. All I want from the guy is some straight information, 
but all we're getting from him is double-talk and put-downs. We're all supposed 
to be equals on this list, not discriminated against because of our religion, 
sex, gender, age, nationality, or race. That's what I think.

 And I like your thinking here, Richard.
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