So "Maharishi Appearances" like Elvis Appearances are going to become "all the rage". Inquiring mind want to know! :-D

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I laughed like hell when I saw this - the loonies are coming out of the woodwork! Can't wait for the 30th!

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In addition to what I posted below tonight on Facebook, out of the blue, I just heard this from Jay Peters, another TM Teacher/Gov in Seattle who said I could share this with you:

"Kelvin, I wanted to pass on to you my most recent experience concerning Maharishi. I just saw Him a few days ago and in this experience He blessed Diane and her husband Ray and myself and impressed upon my consciousness that He will be at the gathering in Alexandria. I believe that I had this experience because I am not able to attend and for some reason He wanted to show us that He'll be there. I just wanted you to know. Diane and Ray are going to be there!
Jai Guru Dev...Jay
Reminder and FYI, on next week's November 30th event: <>
In case you had not heard, in recent weeks more than 20 people around the world have reported that they have been asked by Maharishi to attend or tell others to "Live Stream" next week's Free November 30th event. Some of these people have neither learned TM, nor know Maharishi, and had never heard of George Hammond. As I have emphasized throughout the past several months, the most important focus should be on the content of the presentation. But for those of you still fascinated by the "where did this information come from?", I thought these recent independent corroborations might be helpful. Remember to set your calendar for 11:30 AM EST so you can connect early for the "Live Stream" which will start promptly at Noon Eastern Standard Time (EST). Go to the website and click on "Live Stream": <>
And, if you're attending in person, I look forward to seeing you there! ~ All the best, Kelvin Chin

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