Yep. We are yawning in anticipation.

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 Fleetwoods observation of the Turq as a smallminded, sadistic and creepy 
looser is easy to applaud. The fact that the Turq is continously lying about 
posters here year after year points to this fact. He seems desperate to cover 
the fact that he is failure in any spiritual practise he started and not 
realizing how easy he is to read.

 Prediction: any time now bawee is going to come out with his usual post giving 
a head count for how many people have been posting about him in the last 24 
hours. Then he's going to continue to play his "wounded bear" act for those who 
believe such things. For the rest of us we'll just keep interacting with him in 
a way to show we have some self respect.





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