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> Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 16:11:08 -0800 (PST)
> Subject: [Transcendental_Meditation] India: Mirror of truth - a seven year
> pilgrimage
>    From Chris Higgins of Natural Law Forum
>     A book by Steve Briggs received from a friend in Australia   
>     India: Mirror of Truth A Seven Year Pilgrimage 
>     India: Mirror of Truth is the true story of a young American monk sent to 
> India by his guru to teach meditation. His life-transforming seven-year  
> spiritual odyssey takes him from the coastal waters of Kerala to the high  
> Tibetan plateau. Along the way, he encounters saints and shamans, politicians 
> and pundits, astrologers and ascetics, villagers and artisans. He visits 
> ancient  
> holy sites, meets swamis living at the source of the Ganges, participates in  
> arcane purificatory rituals, experiences the excitement of thirty million  
> pilgrims at the Kumbha Mela as guest of a maharaja, initiates India's elite 
> into  
> meditation, and shares the company of lamas at Tibetan monasteries in Ladakh 
> in  
> an awesome journey that is as culturally rich as it is spiritually stirring.  
> Deep within the Himalayan peaks, he reunites with his ageless Himalayan 
> Master  
> patiently waiting for his return. The author's dream of pursuing 
> enlightenment  
> is realized when he renounces his work in
>  order to seek spiritual liberation in   an isolated mountain ashram. 
>     http://www.diesel-ebooks.com/cgi-bin/item/159540967X   
>     excerpt. 
>     ...on meeting with Maharishi: 
>     Upon arriving at Maharishi's headquarters in Holland on my stopover from  
>  the
> States to India, I had been struck by the seemingly impenetrable fortress of  
>  a
> former Franciscan monastery hidden deep in a Dutch national forest. For the   
> next
> five weeks, along with three other Americans, we met with Maharishi to   
> discuss
> plans for two proposed projects for India: establishing management   
> institutes
> and teaching Transcendental Meditation to corporations. It had been   almost 
> ten
> years since I had seen Maharishi, and although he had aged, he still   had
> superhuman reserves of energy and stamina. Maharishi was almost eighty,   
> forty
> years my senior, but I found it impossible to keep up with him. Meetings  
> routinely went late into the night, but he never seemed to slow down. When he 
> finally sent us off to rest a few hours before sunrise, a secretary ushered 
> in  
> yet another group for their meeting. Maharishi's stamina was legendary, his  
> focus unrelenting. 
>     Meetings with Maharishi were unpredictable, entertaining, and always a  
> lesson in world geography. A conference call from Latvia came in on one of 
> the  
> many phones manned by the secretaries. Later, with precision and patience,  
> Maharishi answered questions on a project to build a school in South Africa 
> and  
> reviewed a proposal to buy laser technology for an operating theater in a 
> Delhi  
> hospital. Line by line he reviewed an announcement for the Washington Post 
> and  
> then listened to a report from his college in Cambodia. Then a delegation 
> from  
> Thailand was escorted into the hall followed by a Bombay industrialist and 
> his  
> family who offered bouquets of red and yellow tulips to Maharishi before  
> catching a flight back to India. Maharishi then briefed a German general 
> about  
> implementing meditation in the armed forces. Guests and dignitaries from all  
> over the globe came and went as Maharishi's attention moved from continent to 
> continent with the agility of an acrobat
>  in his relentless search for solutions   to problems that even governments
> refused to tackle. The backlit globe on his   table spun like a top as his 
> index
> finger came to rest on country after country.   Raise the collective 
> consciousness
> of the people and you will solve the nation's   problems was his rallying 
> cry. 
>     One late night, after the guests had gone and our work was finished, we  
> relaxed with Maharishi in his spacious and silky suite inside the old 
> monastery.  
> I relished every minute with my guru, but those rare moments when the 
> planning  
> for the world stopped, were my favorites. An attendant served fresh juice 
> while  
> Maharishi enquired about our stay. Maharishi's long-time personal secretary,  
> Nandkishore, was the only other person in the room with us. Nandkishore owned 
> an  
> infectious laugh even more contagious than Maharishi's and I imagined the two 
> of  
> them shaking with laughter for hours on end. But that night, the dynamics 
> were  
> different. Whenever Nandkishore spoke, Maharishi disagreed with his loyal  
> assistant, a drama that went on for the better part of an hour. 
>     Of course, Maharishi was the master, but I couldn't help thinking  
> Nandkishore's ideas were sound and that Maharishi was being unfair, that he  
> should listen to his humble secretary. But it didn't seem to matter; 
> Maharishi  
> dismissed everything his secretary said, sometimes brusquely. But the bearded 
> secretary kept his cool, even laughing now and then as his proposals were 
> shot  
> down one after the other like clay pigeons fired from a trap. 
>     As I witnessed what I thought was undue treatment of the long time  
> secretary, I had the urge to tell Maharishi that he was being unfair, that  
> Nandkishore was right on most of the issues. Finally I had heard enough, and 
> the  
> thought I had been suppressing pushed its way into my head. ~Nandkishore is  
> right' flashed like a neon sign inside my brain. At that very instant, as if 
> he  
> had read my mind, Maharishi looked at me, raised his eyebrows, and said. Hmm? 
> Nandkishore is right?? Then he and his sidekick burst out laughing like two  
> mischievous boys that had just pulled off a clever prank. I had swallowed the 
> bait and was now dangling from the end of the master's fishing pole. It had 
> been  
> a test, and I had failed miserably. 
> Maryanne Lee-Hartman 
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