Dear Awoelflebater, It seems true that some of the negativity written here 
rises to the level of terrorism with intent. Delicate flower, Gird on thy 
Spiritual Armor and have shields up as you venture forth in FFL.  Have a nice 
 awoelflebater@...> wrote : 

---In, <fleetwood_macncheese@...> wrote :

 Yes, I am perplexed when someone says they find [Turq's] perspectives 
"interesting" or "thought provoking". It is a simple formula he uses here, over 
and over and over, again: 

 1. Take a conventional view. (ex: belief in God)
 2. Simplify it, to the point of absurdity. (ex: God is an old man who tells us 
what to do)
 3. Accuse forum members of being "gullible idiots", and guilty of believing in 
the straw man just created.
 4. Pontificate about why you are superior, because you don't believe in the 
straw man.

 Anyone impressed by this behavior, simply leaves me speechless.

 Good synopsis. Here is my problem. You try and engage and you get slapped 
around. You decide he is not anyone interested in engaging - he simply likes to 
do all of the above. So you ignore him but then he dominates the place with 
more and more outrageous fabrications, lies and just plain odious posts that 
are not only too many in number but so bloody repetitive. I don't mind 
disagreement and alternate viewpoints and additions to a conversation if 
someone could at least make it INTERESTING. But no, he just blathers on and on 
with the same old formula as you so clearly posted above. Then you get the 
bleeding heart who insists he is just a wounded bear and requires compassion 
despite the fact that all he does is abuse her and she takes it like that is 
going to "heal" him in some way. It really does give one pause and I ask myself 
every single day why I continue to log on here. So many good people have left 
for perfectly good reasons which include what I have just written about. But 
for now I remain for the occasional nugget of interest and because I genuinely 
like a few of you here and you bring reason and sanity back for short periods 
of time. I am now going back to try and ignore what is virtually unignorable - 
think of it not as compassion but as common sense and self preservation of my 
delicate mental state!


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