Are you drunk again this morning,, Barry? I have noticed you are practically an 
alcoholic at this point. Nobody develops a beer belly like yours, without 
seriously hitting the sauce. Anyway, I'll leave you to your boozy and lame 
jokes, though you may want to have your liver checked.
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 Glad you liked it. Interesting fellows. I met many of these guys eating human 
flesh and doing some heavy duty tapas when I was in Varanasi. The rest of the 
movie is there also. Enjoy :-)


 Cannibalism, lovely. How enlightened of them!

 I'm not sure what the word tapas actually means but I'm going to assume it 
involves not minding contracting all the serious brain diseases that can result 
from eating human flesh. Natural selection I call it. And it's one of the 
reasons the rest of humanity don't eat their dead (apart from the more obvious 
ones) the cultures that did take up the revolting practise died out. 

 But I'm interested to hear anyone justify it as some sort of spiritual 

Nabby's German. He probably feels that the Holocaust would have been an 
acceptable spiritual practice if his neighbors had just eaten the Jews after 
killing them. 




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