Um, don't hold your breath, Share. :-)

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 dear John, please do NOT apologize to turq until he apologizes to me for 
calling me a liar after HE lied about the Chicken Soup series starting in FF. 
thank you, Share


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 Just checking, John. Is there something weird going on with your Jyotish chart 
that is preventing you from apologizing to me for calling me a liar, and then 
encouraging others to "pile on" and also call me one? 


 Now that I've proved that you *were* dumb enough to suggest that a noted 
atheist was "angry at God" (a God he doesn't believe exists), doncha think you 
should admit having said it?

 Now that I've also proved that *YOU* were the person lying when you claimed it 
wasn't true and that I was lying about you having said it, doncha think you owe 
me an apology?

 Also, doncha think a word or two admonishing the others who piled on to your 
lie might be in order?

 If not, and you choose to remain silent, should we assume that you're failing 
to 'fess up and apologize because:

 1. You believe in God, and that allows you to lie any time you feel like it,

 2. You believe in Jyotish, so you can make up some "excuse from the stars" for 
why you can't act with integrity, 


 3. You're just a dick, or

 4. All of the above.

 The lurking reporters and I await your response...  :-)


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, which contains the following, in an exchange with Salyavin about Stephen 


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 Do you think he's angry at God because he lost his ability to speak and walk?


 I'll wait for your apology...   :-)



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   Hey, Barry

 You're completely clueless.  I've never said anything close to the one you 
quoted in this thread.  You're living in delusion, dude.  Perhaps you can learn 
something from Dubya, as shown here:

 Frank Caliendo bush collection
 Frank Caliendo bush collection 
lol..... please rate and comment.

 View on 
 Preview by Yahoo 



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 On 11/20/2014 9:17 AM, fleetwood_macncheese wrote:
   Dear Turq's secretary, please forward the following response (and his choice 
of puppy chow), to our common acquaintance: 

 So, the bottom line is that being in an enlightened state is a subjective 
state that defies any material proof. Having said that, someone, anyone, please 
explain to me what Barry meant when he posted this message below, because now 
I'm getting confused and you don't want to confuse the willytex.
 "I cannot expect anyone else to believe that these experiences had anything to 
do with enlightenment. And I don't. Also, I might interpret the experiences in 
my own way, but that doesn't mean that anyone else hearing them can't, and 
won't, interpret them differently. That they do so doesn't mean that they're 
attacking me, merely that they see things a different way, from another point 
of view." - TurquoiseB

 Buck is not envious of me, nor is anyone else on this forum, except YOU. :-) 
:-) :-) 

 The question (for you) is, WHY?
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 Fine. If that's how low your standards are, then *you* can be envious of him. 
 Since I've met canines who were more enlightened than Jim Flanegin, I'll pass, 
thanks.  :-)  :-)  :-)
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 Subject: [FairfieldLife] Enlightenment
   I know he is enlightened because of his first person accounts. I can relate 
to what he is talking about by experience. He is very clear and accurate in his 
writings. You seem threatened by his writing. -Buck
 turquoiseb writes: The person WHO CANNOT PRODUCE A *SINGLE PERSON* WHO 
BELIEVES HE IS ENLIGHTENED somehow wants you to believe that I am *envious* of 
him for being enlightened.
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 That's pretty funny, Share. 
 I imagine the exchange went something like this.
 Barry's FFL Secretary: Sir, I think you should see this.
 BW: What is it! Can't you see I'm busy updating my list of things I don't 
like, people I find stupid, and, of course, things I can berate "believers" 
 BS: But sir, I think......
 BW: Okay, what is it already!
 BS: Sir, it 's from Flannegan.  he says, sir, that, .....that, you're envious 
of his enlightenment.
 BW: What! Why didn't you tell me this before!  What am I paying you for?  Let 
me exit out of this list, page 4 and address this. And keep me informed of any 
other developments along these lines.  I have a reputation to uphold!
 BS: Yes sir.

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 dear FFL Person who has become turq's secretary...REALLY?!
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   I have to thank the person who just forwarded a quote from Jimbo The Faux 
Enlightened to me, cuz otherwise I wouldn't have seen it and laughed this hard. 
The quote was:
            "Good example is Barry's naked and raw envy of my enlightened 
 I really LOVE this, because it actually tops JohnR's ludicrous and clueless, 
"Atheists are really angry at God" quote. That one was laughable because he 
managed to convince himself that people who don't believe in a God are "really" 
angry at the being they don't believe exists. I foolishly thought that nothing 
could *possibly* be more stupid than that. 
 But now comes Jimbo's quote, putting JohnR's in the shade.  :-)
somehow wants you to believe that I am *envious* of him for being enlightened. 
 Did these people spend their time in meditation sniffing glue? What *happened* 
to their brains to make them this dense? I've honestly met more intelligent 
turnips.  :-)  :-)  :-)
 Free clue, Mr. Enlightened Trailer Trash -- NO ONE believes you are 
enlightened. Thus NO ONE is in any way "envious" of your "enlightened state." 
You're just demonstrating the extent of your narcissism.  









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