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 I have been informed in another group that there are about a thousand 
discourses by Guru Dev in Hindi. Some have been published in English, but most 
have not.

 It has been stated by author Paul Mason that Maharishi owed most of his core 
ideas to Guru Dev. Maharishi also published a series of Guru Dev renderings.

 It would be very good if TM-ers made it clear to TM leaders that here lies an 
opportunity to promote a lot more from Guru Dev, who is the originator of TM, 
the one honoured during the TM initiation, and the one that Maharishi said this 
of: "He made me."

 Guidance fit for folks - doesn't the TM movement see it?

 I would imagine that once you've told everyone that none of Guru Dev's 
teachings survived it's a bit tricky to suddenly account for a few hundred 
books of them. Especially when he contradicts Marshy an awful lot. And isn't 
there a sentence in there about never charging for initiations as it damns both 
the teacher and pupil to hell? Oops...




 T. Kinnes

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