Yes, Maharishi had the vision to revolutionize the world, based on the 
principle of "know thyself", first. Once he developed a technique, available to 
anyone, and taught by anyone, the rest has been ordained; "Well begun is half 
done". A wonderful experience, to watch first hand, the unfolding of the birth 
of the age of enlightenment, in this generation. Jai Guru Dev.

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 Very cool, Fleetwood, I really enjoy the three gunas perspective on all this, 
makes sense.

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   Yes, it suddenly occurred to me recently, how Maharishi's plan would unfold: 
Naturally, and very completely, as these young enlightened souls rise to power 
and influence. When we were born, those of us 50 and up, the world was caught 
in a tamasic-rajasic cycle, with so many groups of people on earth, and the 
leaders absolutely blind to their needs. Now we are fully in the rajasic cycle 
- everything is available, to everybody. No more secrets. Empowerment of the 
masses. Those who maintained power, through force, secrecy, and lies, are now 
being exposed. Social media shines the light everywhere. Tamas cannot grow into 
Sattva, without this rajasic transformation. The meditators of the world are 
taking the necessary steps, so that this whirlwind of knowledge always takes an 
upward direction, towards sattva. By contrast, those who denigrate this world 
shift, are finding life increasingly difficult, as the foremost example, here 
on FFL, clearly demonstrates.



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 It's an incredible transformation going on. The negative souls seems to have a 
harder time actually reincarnating whereas since 1977 the "doors for more 
evolved souls" are now wide open. These bright souls seems now to be 
everywhere, it's beautiful beyond words.
 It's also a caution to those now dwelling in the negative here on FFL; change 
immediately or face problems having another body in a long while.
 "The future of mankind is bright, and that is our delight."


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 Very interesting this younger gen I spoke of earlier. Unlike those of us, who 
have watched the progression from our ignorance, to our enlightenment, occur in 
this lifetime, these young, bright souls have no such path to travel. They 
don't see enlightenment or ignorance, for they were born fully awakened to 
their essential nature, pure consciousness. There is no interest for them, in 
something already accomplished. To interact with them is to see the future.

 We are very much the transitional generation, bringing consciousness to the 
fore, as a mediator of experience, for the first time, in many thousands of 
years. We can watch the transition from an ignorant world, to an enlightened 
one, as those who have now incarnated, simply grow up, and change the world for 
the better. 



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