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 Do you have any scientific evidence to back up your claim that tantrics have a 
shorter life-span than others ?

 Erm, I didn't say that tantrics have a shorter life span than others. What I 
said was that cannibalism carries the risk of a lot of communicable brain 
diseases like CJD also known as mad cow disease. It's seriously best avoided 
even if it's only your health you care about. 

 Yes, but you also get mad cow disease from, er, cows and plenty of people eat 
those, although I give them a miss. I prefer to see them alive and eating grass 
or nursing their calves.

 I think my instinctive revulsion is shared by so much of humanity that I 
wonder about the mental health of those who feel they can justify it on any 
grounds these days. Or maybe it's just the way society grew and we decided to 
respect the dead rather than make a meal out of them? I suspect the dangers 
become obvious like the dangers of incest do and it became a social taboo that 
way and very early on in society. Is India that different?

 I'd have to say, any argument for cannibalism, other than if you were, 
perhaps, starving on a mountainside after your plane had crashed in the 
freezing cold and your "dinner" was already dead, pretty much couldn't convince 
me it was a good thing to do for a whole lot of reasons.

 Joke: Two cannibals meet in a bar and one says "My wife made a lovely 
casserole last night. God I'm going to miss her...."

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 "Cannibalism, lovely. How enlightened of them!"


 Vimalananda used to live in cementaries and boil the brain of dead people he 
found and drink it. Very purposefully and revolting only to small-minded 
people. Do read the triology about him, Aghora by Robert Svoboda. Perhaps it 
would broaden your vision.

 It's not about broadness of vision it's about communicable diseases, of which 
there are many if you eat human flesh. It's one of the reasons the vast 
majority of us don't, we've learned not to and it's a strong taboo because of 

 If he thought that drinking brains made him smarter he's no better than the 
other superstitious ingnorami who thought eating someone's heart made you 
braver. I see where the delusion comes from but it doesn't work - except maybe 
psychologically - and then the mad cow disease kicks in and you rapidly start 
regretting it.



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 Glad you liked it. Interesting fellows. I met many of these guys eating human 
flesh and doing some heavy duty tapas when I was in Varanasi. The rest of the 
movie is there also. Enjoy :-)

 Cannibalism, lovely. How enlightened of them!

 I'm not sure what the word tapas actually means but I'm going to assume it 
involves not minding contracting all the serious brain diseases that can result 
from eating human flesh. Natural selection I call it. And it's one of the 
reasons the rest of humanity don't eat their dead (apart from the more obvious 
ones) the cultures that did take up the revolting practise died out. 

 But I'm interested to hear anyone justify it as some sort of spiritual 

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