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 Salyavin, it's so interesting what you say about without fear we might not 
act. For some time now I've been noticing that my usual impulses for taking 
action aren't operating. So what is making me act? I gotta go with pure life 
 But it definitely takes some getting used to!


I could have explained that better. The adrenal gland controls the fight/flight 
mechanism - or rather the rest of the brain controls it by learning how to 
respond and repeating that next time the stimulus appears. It's how anxiety 
states grow, if we are anxious about something and then go to a different place 
before the adrenaline has died down, we will associate that place with anxiety 
so that next time we go we may start feeling jumpy without knowing why.

 It only takes two traumatic experiences to set up a neural network that will 
trigger next time you are in the same situation. Here's the clever bit, your 
brain likes to help you out and set up states of mind that it thinks you want. 
The part of the brain that does this doesn't have any opinion on whether you 
consciously like something it just puts you in the state you were in last time 
you were in in that situation. Anxiety, confidence, whatever. 

 So maybe some automatic process is shifting inside that makes you feel like 
you don't act in the same way because you are more or less worried or pissed 
off at the moment. Most of what goes on in our heads is unconscious and picking 
out what affected you and how in your past can be a major job but can be 
essential self knowledge if you ever have the feeling that something within you 
is holding you back.

 Does that make any sense?




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