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 God damn - I felt sick when I saw this crap - what a liar and fraud - take a 
look at her website - she no longer goes by the name Maitreya Miranda.

 I think she's great! She's got the patter down perfect. It just goes to show 
that anyone could do it. And she lives in Glastonbury, which must be bad for 
her career because everyone there is a Tarot reading, reincarnation of some 
saint or other.

 But now the Maitreya name is up for nominations I'm sure Nabby will relax as 
Mr Creme always described him as a he. Maybe there were copyright issues?

 Interesting to look at her services page - looks like the incarnation of 
Maitreya would have more to offer than tarot readings.



Ascended Avalon http://www.ascendedavalon.com/#!daganach/c1enr  
 Ascended Avalon http://www.ascendedavalon.com/#!daganach/c1enr Official 
website of Daganac'h, formerly Maitreya Miranda*, Divine Feminine / Feminine 

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 ....Maitreya is a chick?

 A meeting With The Feminine Christ - Maitreya Miranda 

 A meeting With The Feminine Christ - Maitreya Miranda 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iptbioEqWOI Excuse any editing issues that may 
happy my old computer took over 8 hours to complete this video, if I'd kept 
quality at top level then I would still be wai...

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 I have no idea why this popped up as a suggested video in my Youtube feed, 
clearly Google are spying on me in some way.

 Still, it's nice to know that Nabby was right and Maitreya is a highly 
credible spiritual person even if she does do that same high pitched lilt at 
the end of sentences like John Hagelin that made me think even he doesn't 
believe what he's talking about. 

 Maybe giving the impression that you are bullshitting is the long sought after 
correlation of enlightenment?


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