on 11/19/05 2:11 PM, anonymousff at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> most of the stuff being posted ad nauseum here on FFLife?
> every day, over and over, the same issues for years now.
> more than that, folks, for example, *sparaig" (sorry to pick on you
> but...) has to comment on every single other comment that everyone has
> also commented on.   Sometimes long lines of posts/e-mails are from
> spairaig and most of them say little to nothing.

Maybe he's got too much time on his hands. I have to agree that a lot of his
posts contribute little or nothing to the dialog. Not all of them though.
Trouble is, I usually can't be bothered to sort through them to find the
good ones, so I delete them all (in my email client). So if he were to:

1) only post comments that enriched the discussion and that he thought would
be of interest to others and

2) snip away previous posts that don't need to be quoted (others are
negligent in this too),

I and others would probably read his posts and the quality of the chat
wouldn't be diluted.

I don't mind discussing the same issues over and over, because some of the
participants may not have been in on previous discussions, new information
and understanding may have become available, we've all evolved since the
last time we discussed them, etc.

But I try to introduce new topics that interest me or that I think may
interest others, and if we all did that, things would be livelier around

Before he unsubscribed the other day, Akasha_108 referred to the glory days
of FFL. I think FFL goes in waves. People and interesting topics come and
go. There have been some fascinating discussions about karma, free will,
ethics, and other topics listed in the site description. I've had to skip
many of them because of time constraints. So these may or may not be glory
days - it's a matter of opinion - but there have been glory days and there
will be glory days. Hang in there. As someone said, "every saint has a past;
every sinner has a future." The same is true of FFL.

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