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*/Well said, Sal.
*/My bet is that if there were ever a "FFL Reunion," in which we all got together physically to chat over a few beers, most people would manage to let bygones be bygones and get along. Heck, I'd even buy Judy a drink...not that she'd drink it, of course. :-)/*
*/On 11/22/2014 8:52 AM, salyavin808 wrote:
I think we should organise one, be fascinating to see what everyone is really like and if we mix like sociable humans or gather into predictable corners or start fighting over whether Erich Von Daniken is a better scientist than John Hagelin. And I'd sit down for a pint with Judy any day!
*/But Richard? My bet is that after a few minutes people would notice he was missing from the festivities. A few people would wonder where he went, but not many, and only for a second or two.
*/After the event they'd find him out back in the alley, having been beaten into a bloody pulp by the people he's stalked and abused for so many years. /*

I suspect everyone will be as curious as me to find out what he's really like, he plays his cards so close to his chest it's hard to see the humanity beneath. Or maybe he really does only speak in one sentence missives with a "go figure" at the end. Perhaps it's a Texan thing we didn't know about?
/The reason I posted photos of my face to FFL was so other informants could see what I look like, so it's not like I was trying to hide anything. Years ago John Manning ripped off a photo of my face and posted it to Google Groups in a silly effort to try and discredit me - he got the photo off of my Yahoo public profile. LoL!/

/Willytex - he wanted to be in, but he went too far out./

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Richard, I'm really sorry that turq has been so mean to you, and for so many years. You seem like a really nice person to me so I don't understand his behavior at all. But I'm very glad you're still here.

I think it's more relevant to try and explain Willytex's behaviour and why he's irritating enough to drive people to distraction. Just try simply not having an opinion the same as his and you'll get endless tedious trolling, and I mean endless. I can't believe you haven't noticed it. If it wasn't for the ability to scan posts without opening them there wouldn't be anyone here because he's like a little dog snapping at your heels. On and on and on. I suspect that's his plan, a sort of attempt at denial of service.

If you ever do try and engage him on his opinions all you get is some well practised non-committal slogans and a few irrelevant links to wikipedia that he either doesn't understand himself or can't be bothered to think about it. After two post he goes straight back to abuse. Years and years and years he's been doing it, what he gets out of logging on here everyday is anyone's guess. He says he's proud of his internet legacy, but why take part in a discussion board if you aren't going to discuss anything? I think he just likes spreading shit around. This is why nobody bothers talking to him. Go figure.

Same with Steve, he replied to a post of mine yesterday saying that it looked boring and he wasn't going to read it! What the fuck? Tell me Share, is there a point to it that you can see? I'm at a loss. If I see something that doesn't interest me I just skip to the next one, why make a point about it. Every time. Every day.

Barry, on the other hand brings a lot to the place and isn't just a one trick pony with nothing to say. You may not agree with what he says but it is a discussion board and not a facebook page, we all have the choice to respond and alternatives with how we spend out time if we'd rather not.

It actually fascinates me that we all come back day after day.

Ugh, the rain has begun. Supposedly will turn to ice overnight. So glad I've got brand new tires.
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    It really isn't ganging up, Share, anymore than everyone laughing
    at the same joke at a comedy club, is ganging up, on the subject
    of that joke. Think about it. Yes, there is something that
    bothers you here, but you haven't got it yet.
    /For the record, this is payback for all the shit he has given me
    for the past ten years. The tables are turned now, his turn to cry.

    The guy has been a shit-heel as long as I've been around the
    internet - that's his game.

    Frankly, I don't care what he thinks or says//- he's never
    accomplished a damn thing, so far as I can tell./
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    Steve, I don't mind when people confront turq one on one. But I
    really don't like it when the piling on and ganging up happens.
    Something about that seems very unhealthy to me, mainly for the
    people doing it.

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