The last Subaru wagon I had got totaled, and I switched to Mazda. But I do 
recall a weird problem I had, with the radiator hose, situated such that, over 
the course of 30 or 40K miles, it would rub a hole in itself, due to placement 
and vibration. Also seemed significantly under-powered, but that was twenty 
plus years ago. Hope you like that Ford - their quality is top notch these 
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 I don't like the styling of the Forester. I like the Crosstrek. But, another 
issue is the choice of transmissions: manual or CVT. I like manuals enough that 
I ordered my '96 Dodge Ram 2500 with a 5-speed manual, but these days I'm 
content to have an automatic, and I'm not keen on getting a CVT. Finally, the 
blue color offered by Subaru is nowhere near as nice as the blues offered by 
Mazda or Ford. So, what I'll probably do is wait for the roads to be snow 
covered and then test drive a Ford Escape to see how I like its AWD system.

As for jacking this thread without rectificationating the subject line, as 
penance, if I happen to remember, I'll make my next meal ever so slightly less 
delicious than usual. Jai Guru Dev!

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 Careful Buck, our esteemed moderator was the one who "digressed" though it 
perfect order with the thread.  He needed a little help deciding on a new car.  
I might suggest to Alex to see if he can find a 2010 Forester for sale since it 
doesn't have the problem.  Make sure it was kept up though. Also track if 
Subura relents and recalls to fix the problem. 
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[FairfieldLife] wrote:

   Dear FFL Moderators; could you do something about the people who jack 
threads and drive them off away here without changing the subject line? Like 
some severe discipline for people without subject-line discipline, -Buck 
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 Today, a friend alerted me to a serious oil burning issue Subaru is having 
with their current engines, and the company is being a dick about it. With that 
going on and the closest dealer being in Cedar Rapids, I'm going to pass on the 
Subaru. I may just see what the local Ford/GM dealer has. That same friend just 
got a front wheel drive Ford Escape, and he loves it. Couldn't possibly be 
worse than my rebuilt, salvage title, 2003 Pontiac Vibe with its nifty, not yet 
recalled shrapnelizer airbag in the steering wheel.  
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 Yup, my 16 year old Forester is doing fine in the monsoon we are enjoying 
though AWD can't do much about California drivers who can't drive even in dry 
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   Well, Maharishi came to me and said that the utter beauty and dry pavement 
performance of the Mazda CX-5 does not compensate for an AWD system that will 
reluctantly send a little power to the rear wheels only after the front wheels 
have started spinning. Being in tune with Iowa's Laws of Nature will require 
the purchase of a Subaru. Jai Guru Dev!




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