Although all this was around before - something Maharishi openly admitted - his 
genius was that he took the knowledge, systematized it, and made it globally 
available, with TM.  

 This happens all the time with knowledge - I was reading about Man Ray's 
(Emmanuel Radnitzky) work in photography, and many of the techniques he used 
had been discovered previously, but no one before had popularized them, and 
made them accessible. 
---In, <noozguru@...> wrote :

 I've done my homework in this field and was a TM teacher but also studied with 
an authentic Indian tantric starting in early 2000.  Plus I've been to India 
and have also discussed this issue with others who are expert in these matters. 
 I gave examples of Arthur Avalon (Woodroffe) to show that the mantras were 
published in the west before Maharishi was even born.  BTW, I also have read 
the published doctoral thesis about Woodroffe's life and the writer opines that 
much of his writings was not his work but of his Indian friend and tantric who 
was not allowed to publish under British rule.
 I also like to refer to Sivananda's "Mind Its Mysteries and Control" which you 
can find online to point out the method of meditation TM uses with the mantras 
is nothing new either as that work was first published in 1936.
 Thing is that TM uses beej mantras because they don't need any empowerment.  
The puja helps but Indian astrologers and ayurvedic practitioners hand them out 
to clients without any elaborate initiation.  
 I don't think anyone knows for sure where the beej mantras came from. Those 
are lost in antiquity and undoubtedly commonly in use even at the time of 
 TM followers like to glorify it but TM is really just "yoga lite".
 Hope that helps.
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[FairfieldLife] wrote:


 "SBS did not originate TM, it's just an implementation of tantric meditation 
which has been around for centuries.  It was only "new" to westerners or at 
least those who had not read Arthur Avalon." 
 Thanks for commenting. Now, if you can prove the claims you make, for example 
by showing the passage(s) of John Woodroffe (alias Arthur Avalon), it would 
taste better. I have read books by Woodroffe (Avalon), and cannot recall the 
specifics of the TM method are divulged there at all. You get a horde of 
mantras with variants, that is true, but not the Advaitic Smartist system that 
TM traces its first mantras to, I would like to suggest. 


 T. Kinnes


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