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 I think there are interesting parallels in terms of both being stuck in the 
past and being stuck in denial here. 

 So far, at least 13 women have come forward to say that Bill Cosby drugged and 
raped them, or at the very least, in some way forced them to have sex with him. 
Several other voices (some of them male) have confirmed that there was a whole 
"support mechanism" in place among Cosby's staff and organization to keep any 
of these rapes from ever becoming public. 


 At the same time, the other night at a comedy performance, the audience gave 
Cosby a standing ovation. 


 Does anyone else see the parallels here?

 - First, how lost in the past do you have to BE to attend a Bill Cosby 
performance, all these years after he's gone "over the hill?" That's a clear 
parallel to people still caring about Maharishi, who is even more over the 
hill, being...uh...dead, in addition to being discredited. 


 - Second, for these Cosby True Believers, nothing they've seen in the press or 
heard seems to bother them. They're still willing to stand and applaud Cosby, 
either refusing to believe that he could possibly have done any wrong, or 
refusing to consider using his position of power to rape women wrong. Another 
clear parallel to what TM True Believers do when new tales of Maharishi 
screwing his women students come out. They find ways to ignore them completely, 
so that they can continue idolizing MMY. 


 - Third, notice what the Cosby True Believers say about these women coming 
forward. They call them names, "Liars!" being the least of them, and 
demonstrate their misogyny with every word. The MMY supporters do the exact 
same thing, demonizing the women who have had the courage to tell the truth 
about both how Maharishi seduced them, and then went out of his way to hide it. 


 All in all, it looks like the behavior of True Believers is equally shameful, 
whether they're clinging to their illusions about Bill Cosby, or about 

 A Complete List of the Women Who Have Accused Bill Cosby of Sexual Assault
 A Complete List of the Women Who Have Accused Bill Cos...
 The following women have alleged as a matter of public record that Bill Cosby 
sexually assaulted or raped them. They are listed in the order their 
allegations becam...

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