PLEASE READ THIS, Barry - It tells you everything you want to know.  

 Dream on. Nobody is planning to do anything, with you, or to you. Such a 
Walter Mitty type, aren't you? You live in your little room, watching TV, and 
build empty fantasies about how interested we are in you.  

 Nothing could be further from the truth, Barry. You get attention, by being an 
asshole. No one gives a damn about you, otherwise. Get used to it. We'll still 
be posting here when you are dead, with no one giving you a second thought. 

 The really creepy bit, as Edg, Emily, Steve, Judy, Sal, Richard, Nabby, Share, 
Dr. Pete, Rick, Alex, Bhairitu, Ann, Bob, Robin, Rory, and many, many others 
have already noted, is that you know you are broken, you know you aren't 
enlightened, you know your social skills are anti-social, you know all this 
doesn't help one bit, and yet you just can't help yourself. 

 You are One Sick Monkey, dude. Perhaps reliving the glory days with Freddie 
will, run along and fantasize some more - you are SO good at it! :-) 
:-) :-)



---In, <turquoiseb@...> wrote :

 Why is someone who claims to be fully enlightened still up at 2 a.m. obsessing 
about someone he claims is beneath him? Why would an enlightened person have 
spent the previous 24 hours writing almost 40 posts about the person he claims 
is beneath him? 


 If all of this makes sense to you, perhaps you should sign up to learn 

 But watch out if he invites you over for dinner...  :-)





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