Russell Brand Shares His Secret On How To “Step Back”
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     11/16/2014  “Think before you act.” We’ve all heard it. Easier said than 
done, though, right? I know what it’s like; I’m guessing you do; and I’m 
certain Russell Brand does. Watch this video to find out how Brand has 
cultivated the ability to “step back,” and how it’s changed his perspective on 
life. Read more        
  Meet Bob: The Man Who Teaches Meditation To Middle-School Students, 
Celebrities, And The Homeless Alike  
 11/11/2014  Bob Roth talks about his beginnings with the Transcendental 
Meditation technique and how it “blossomed into a calling to help people around 
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  What Happened To This HIV Patient After He Learned Transcendental Meditation 
Is Remarkable  
 11/08/2014  “I was in my residence for 20 years and evicted… and found myself, 
in a matter of months, homeless and living on the street…” Read more        
  9 Things I Notice When I Stop Meditating  
 11/03/2014  Sometimes my conventional instincts overshadow what I know from 
experience to be true, but I always come back to my regular Transcendental 
Meditation practice, because, not to give anything away, without it, I start 
feeling less awesome. Read more.        
  How Transcendental Meditation Helped Me through a Traumatic Experience  
 10/27/2014  Traumatic incidences are usually unavoidable. Your plans probably 
never include them, yet they happen all the same, which can leave you with a 
feeling of powerlessness. You’re not powerless though. Read more.        
  What Do Kanye West, Johnny Cash, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Dixie 
Chicks Have in Common?  
 10/10/2014  Have you ever heard of Rick Rubin? What about Jay-z, The Red Hot 
Chili Peppers, Kanye West, U2, Lana Del Rey, Eminem, Johnny Cash, or the Dixie 
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  Jerry Seinfeld: “The Thing That I Love More Than Money, More Than Love, More 
Than Just About Anything”  
 10/01/2014  Everyone’s got some of this, although many don’t have enough, and 
I rarely meet a person who doesn’t want more. And it’s not…well, watch and find 
out for yourself what Jerry Seinfeld calls “the greatest riches in human life,” 
and how you can get more. Read more.        
  Google Zeitgeist: 400 Top Business and Tech Leaders Learn about TM  
 09/24/2014  Bob Roth speaks to a group of 400 top business and tech leaders 
about how we can relieve the world’s stress through the Transcendental 
Meditation technique at Google Zeitgeist ’14. Read more        
  7 Great Places to Meditate on the Go  
 09/16/2014  You don’t need a “meditation room” to meditate, but sometimes it’s 
hard to find a place when your life is go go go. Here are some ideas to help 
you out, no matter where you find yourself. Read more.        
  5 Female Performers Share the Way They Relax and Find Inner Peace  
 09/10/2014  6 million people have learned the TM technique. Here’s what 5 of 
them – Katy Perry, Liv Tyler, Lykke Li, Sky Ferreira, and Sheryl Crow – have to 
say about it. Read more.  See more     - See more at: The TM Blog
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