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anartaxius@... [FairfieldLife] included below] What might lie at the bottom of 
Barry's barrel? Barry just m  Barry's classification.

 Disclaimer: This post is not meant to impune the intelligence of anyone, 
whether they be highly intelligent or highly unintelligent. After all, only the 
enlightened are aware of the nature of the intelligence of the universe, how it 
works, and what has it, and where it is actually located.


 I think we ought to allow the Post Count to determine the "bottom of the 
barrel." So far this week, the person who claims to be enlightened has 
demonstrated the highest degree of obsession, making 31 posts in one day, MOST 
of them about a person he claims is beneath notice and beneath contempt (moi). 
I leave you to puzzle out whether that sounds enlightened to you or just 


 Similarly, Share seems to have done little else but Obsess On Barry, as have 
Richard and Ann and Steve. Just another Saturday at Fairfield Life. 


 Since all of these people have gone out of their way in the past and the 
present to comment about how LOW Barry is, and yet they choose to focus almost 
all of their writings on him anyway, I think we have to assume that they are 
the LOWEST in terms of intelligence. What you focus on, you become...and all 
that... :-)

 On another level, it should be obvious by now that none of them is able to 
think of anything to post EXCEPT ragging on Barry. I have become the catalyst 
that allows them to pretend that they actually have something to say. Seems to 
me they should be thanking me for providing them a much-needed "writing 
prompt."  :-)

 You have come in just under the wire on what I predicted. The only thing 
lacking is the actual made up post count on how many times your name was 
mentioned. However, you did comment on the "Post Count" in general so we'll 
chalk that up as batting 1000, you little darling you.

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