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 Since so many seem to be vying for this position, I propose another "test" to 
help determine the winner. Uh...I mean, the ultimate loser. 


 JohnR has already expressed his dismay at having been considered less dumb 
than Jim, so I graciously retracted my suggestion that JimF is dumber, and 
allowed JohnR to retain his title. 


 BUT, in other threads, Nabby seems to be moving down the list towards the 
bottom fast in *his* attempt to be considered the Dumbest by coming out as a 
fan of cannibalism. You've got to admit that considering Indian vagrants who 
eat other people "saints" is pretty dumb, and tough to beat. That's even dumber 
than Waiting For Maitreya, which was Nabby's previous low mark in terms of 


 Therefore I suggest that if there needs to be a tie-breaker to decide whether 
JohnR or JimF are really the Dumbest, the title will go to whichever one of 
them "piles on" to the pro-cannibalism idea first and supports Nabby in his 
quest for the taste of human flesh. 


 I don't see any of the rest of the bottom-dwellers (Steve, Share, Ann, 
Richard) as having the ability to think on their own enough to win the Who Will 
Consume Human Flesh First contest, so I'm going to give the "edge" to JimF in 
this contest. After all, he's *already* moved out into the boonies, where there 
are fewer people around to notice if some of them go missing at the same time 
Jim seems to be preparing a new buncha meat for the winter in his smokehouse. 


 The only question seems to be whether Jimbo will share any of his Long Pig 
with Nabby, who, after all, suggested it first. If that happens, I suggest that 
we allow JimF and Nabby to share the title of "Dumbest," with JohnR in second 


 Dearest bawee,
 Hang on just one cotton pickin'! As someone who craves your attention, even if 
it is negative attention, I want to be the dumbest. C'mon, bawee. You haven't 
known me as long as you have known some of these others but it is quality of 
time together that really counts, not quantity - don't you think? And you have 
to admit the quality of our interactions together has been the thing that has 
captured your imagination, your attention, the most. You know I need you to say 
"yes". Don't deny me this one small privilege that you, and only you, can grant 
me. MAKE ME THE DUMBEST, I AM BEGGING YOU. I'll even sample human meat first if 
you say yes (if you'll bring the beer).
 The One and Only,
 Thundertwat (and former Judy minion and Robin stalker)

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