Special Message> St. Germaine Speaks
Greeting my Dear Ones of Light and Truth,
I Am St. Germaine
You have asked the question, Will our American Troops come home?
Yes indeed the troops, all troops, in Iraq will be coming home.
 You asked the question when?
Now. By this I mean this is already done and arranged by us and many White Dragons on the ground in Iraq and in many other countries. The troops know they are coming home.
The governments all involved in this war are beginning to pull their troops out already. America has no more troops to send anywhere. The recruiting job has failed. The troops left in Iraq are banning together to get themselves out, with our and our “White Dragons“. You will see a sit down by the American troops who will refuse to fight any longer this senseless war. They know too much of the truth and are banning together as we speak to do just this. Their courage to sit down and be charged with treason and firing squad will not deter them at all. They will only participate in Peace movements to restore the terrible damage their government had them to do, under falsity and lies. This event you will see and hear on your TV’s and radios and Internet. Then you will see the complete collapse of the Bush regime and the new world order they had designed come to its end. They all will be held in courts to be judged by the people for the people. All parties will be held in a place they cannot leave. Like where Saddam Hussein is held now. They will all be there together. It will begin to happen in and around your Xmas time. The days of warring comes to its end.  The troops will lay down their guns and leave their tanks and sit in Peace as an example of the lies they will no longer serve. Pray for them all. It has and is taking great courage to stand down in this war. It is like troops (Gandhi) sit down. Many will join them and the whole world will witness this event. The Divine Mother has been coming to the troops and is helping them to awaken and to surrender to Peace as Impeccable warriors for Peace. This kind of Warrior you may take great pride in.
With this bit of news I will now depart. Hold the Peace and Hold this vision I have given you today.
I am St. Germaine
Tele-communicated by: Kara Kincannon
Source Of Light Center S.E. CO.
"We are here to pierce the hearts of all, with white light". We are the "White Dragons" in service to the Illumination process of Gaia's Rebirth.
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