Yes, thank you. Adyashanti made a statement about spiritual immaturity, that I 
thought was very telling, and showing up here on FFL in spades. Everyone likes 
to talk about "being on the path" and this insight and that. But no will ever 
mention that they have reached the goal. It is this one statement, that sends 
those with a natural proclivity towards making their world someone else's 
fault, into apoplectic rage. Barry is one of the least responsible people I 
have ever met, in terms of owning his shit. As a result, he REALLY doesn't like 
to be reminded of what a loser he is, spiritually. he is caught in some 60's 
mood making about enlightenment, and doesn't realize the naturalness of it. No 
hypnotism here, simply my enlightenment. :-)

---In, <> wrote :

 "I have, and am enlightened. Haven't you been reading what I write?"

 This is for obvious reasons the most provocative claim ever posted on FFL.  
Though many start TM to have better sleep and improve health the majority of 
young people including the posters here who tried TM, the idea that 
enlightenment was easily available to anyone so convincingly put forward by 
Maharishi was the main reason to start TM. When due to lack of perserverance 
and self-control they failed they blame the teacher rather than analyzing their 
own shortcomings. The anger and resentment bordering on hate Fleetwood meets 
here is the same Adyashanti describes in Buddhist circles where anyone claiming 
to living the goal is labeled a fraud. The Buddha made 500 souls enlightened 
yet Buddhists today seems incapable of seeing that this is not only old stories 
but a reality also today.

 A friend of mine who goes for prolonged stays in Fairfield every year to do 
Programme in the dome reports that Fleetwood is far from the only person living 
the natural state of enlightenment. Quite the contrary, the experiences of 
higher states of consciousness in daily life is getting stronger and stronger 
every year. But to the consternation of loosers like the Turq or MJ, the 
Movement will never point the finger at an Enlightened parading him like in a 
Circus and say; look here, he is enlightened, see what TM can do. This will 
never happen.
 For this reason, anyone living in freedom like Fleetwood who is willing to 
share his experiences is doing everyone a great favor and we should be thankful 
that he is willing to spend some of his time here.

 "The future of mankind is bright, and that is our delight"



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