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 Ann, at least took the time to write more than a couple of one liners. I do 
indeed think Barry makes up stuff to meet his own agenda. Don't we all. Jim 
makes up all sorts of stuff too. I make up stuff. Most of what others write 
about Barry, including me is stuff they make up. Our minds are good a 
fabricating shit. It is a necessary skill in order for it to attempt to figure 
out the world. I do not see that Jim, for example, is making up less than 

 I don't make stuff up here Xeno. What you see here is exactly what you would 
see if you saw me standing in a room talking to you. I have absolutely no 
reason to pretend I am someone else. I do not understand the need of others to 
use the internet as a way to become another kind of person. Does this mean they 
can't be all of who they are when standing next to a breathing person? And if 
so why would that be? (Rhetorical questions.)

 One of the primary ways to go after someone's beliefs is to be a contrarian, 
to deliberately state you think the opposite of what the other guy or gal 
thinks, even if you do not really believe that. Now this is objectionable to 
some. I do not object to Barry because I don't see him and other people really 
as persons, they are objects in my field of experience. On FFL, everyone is a 
text object in my field of experience. My body is an object in my field of 
experience. Now calling everyone, you even, as an object does not mean I, in 
person, will interact with you as if you were an inanimate object. I can hold 
conversations, more or less. I tend not to like small talk. 

 You are so interesting, Xeno. I can't figure out what actually animates you. 
Maybe "animate" is the wrong word because it is as if you are robotic in some 
fundamental way although I don't mean this to insult you. I have no interest in 
insulting you so if it comes across like that then my apologies. But to say you 
don't see those at FFL as anything other than a "text object" seems to me like 
you are missing some essential sensory equipment. It is as if people are 
reduced to molecules and cells and basic components that don't include blood or 
feelings. It makes me think you are not equipped to grasp the really important 
things about human beings that could make your life richer. 

 People here mostly talk about how other people behave, which I find boring. 
There are few substantive conversations. Curtis is good for a substantive 
argument. Barry less so, he does not seem to have a lot of patience, so if you 
want to communicate with Barry, you have to be succinct, not like me, but one 
or two line retorts like Jim fires off are mindless, they usually show no deep 

 Sometimes brevity takes lots more creativity than wordiness. Think poetry vs a 

 Thanks. This statement about wordiness being superior to brevity left me 
shaking my head.

 People on the Internet are not necessarily the same as they are in person. 
Distance and anonymity, the lack of physical contact allows certain darker 
sides of our personalities shine. Most of what I think of others would probably 
seem very strange to those others. Jim says certain things about others, and I 
don't see it at all; Judy did this all the time. Barry does it too. The target 
of such comments almost invariable say that is not what they think. So the real 
question, as I see it, is why do we think what we think is true, and so little 
of what others say they think, especially about us, we think is false? This 
mismatch of reality among we human beings is rampant. One needs a certain 
flexibility to deal with it without going nuts.

 I don't mind being misunderstood but I will often object when someone begins 
to abuse me about what they think I believe or about who they think I am, 
especially if it is coming from a place of narrow mindedness and ill will. I 
will not be a punching bag for those with their own personal, unresolved issues 
and who wish to take their lack of self awareness and hit me over the head with 

 There is a woman here with me; we have very divergent views on many things, 
often including the nature of enlightenment, but we get along pretty well and 
have for some time. I make up stuff all the time to puncture her belief system, 
she calls me a contrarian, but the trick is to make her laugh, to see the 
absurdity of a position. I doubt very much Barry is as serious about what he 
says as most people on this forum take things. he has been beaten around by the 
spiritual con as much as any here, but unlike you, Jim, and others, I think he 
understands the spiritual con better than most. Barry does repeat many themes 
many many times. For all I know he could be a computer. There have been 
experiments on the Internet where a computer program posts to social forums and 
people think it is a real person. I tend to like people who have good 
intellects rather than emotional responses. These tend to be people who have 
much more slack in their belief systems, are willing to consider themselves 
idiots at times, and to consider the status quo, or the prevailing peer 
paradigm as potentially bonkers.

 Great, but you are not describing bawee here. He is the guy who has the 
hottest buttons of anyone and who absolutely refuses to acknowledge his own 
many failings and has zero sense of humor when it comes to laughing at himself. 
He is also unforgiving, arrogant and lacks the ability to carry on a civilized 
conversation with anyone who doesn't agree with him. Just today he made a list 
of everyone who is stupid here and every single one of them are those who 
dislike his persona here. Gee, what are the chances of that?

 You seem much more a people person than I am. Also, I like much smaller 
mammals than you do, ones that can't kill you, and which require low 

 Frankly, I am not a people person. I am an outdoors person who will always 
choose a walk in the rainy forest over a party invite and who will surround 
myself with the delicious doggy smells of wet fur over hanging out with a 
clique of friends. But you're right about the larger mammals - they might be 
able to kill you without realizing it but they rarely do it on purpose.


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 This is a non starter Xeno for one simple and real reason: bawee never speaks 
to what people actually believe - he simply makes stuff up to fit his own 
agenda. Consequently you have taken all this time to write a small essay and it 
is groundless because your first premise is out to lunch possibly, and most 
likely, as a result  of the fact that you simply don't read bawee's post 
carefully enough to have figured this small factoid out. Xeno, 99% of what 
bawee claims people believe is not what they believe at all. When I and others 
object to his never-ending tirades saying the same thing over and over and over 
again it is not because he is attacking our beliefs, it is because he makes up 
stuff about what he thinks various people actually believe and it is all BS to 
suit his self-centered agenda. I object to the person bawee, not to any 
'attacks on my beliefs'. He has no interest in what anyone really thinks, he 
simply gets off on tooting his horn as the 'independent thinker' who isn't 
subject (in his own fantasy world) to any dogma or run-of-the-mill paradigms. 
You certainly don't 'get' him at all Xeno. There is only one thing to know here 
- bawee is all about bawee. He doesn't give a crap about anyone else; his 
advice, his opinion doesn't seek to enlighten anyone or to encourage dialogue 
it exists only to allow him a platform on which to stand and watch himself 
pontificate. The guy is a bore. The fact that you took the time to try and 
convince anyone here of any other possibility is only going to make you look 
silly. So, as much as I'd like to address the rest of your post here I can't 
because I don't think you have a real clue about what you are talking about in 
this instance. 



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