Not all of these characteristics have been exhibited by ALL of the four people 
I remember who have claimed on Fairfield Life to be enlightened (or to have 
been in the past), but each of these characteristics has been exhibited by at 
least one of them, sometimes by more than one.

- Claiming that he had never physically struck one of his students, even after 
first-person testimony on FFL proved that he had. 

- Claiming that "all of his wishes are instantly fulfilled" while whining 
incessantly about the fact that people he has said he wishes would leave FFL 

- Making posts pretending to be another person (and signing the other person's 
name to those posts) in which he made statements that would damage the 
professional reputation of the person he's pretending to be. 

- Pretending to be a woman. For months. When caught, never admitting it. 

- Claiming to have perfect knowledge of all things while claiming that the 
original Buddha (who didn't believe in God) wrote, "God is love."

- Being so unable to control himself that he holds the FFL "record" for 
overposting, having been banned from posting for something like 9 weeks total.

- Being in fourth and fifth place using the same Sitting On The Overposter's 
Bench scale. (What IS is about the "TM enlightened" that leaves them unable to 
count to 50?)

- Claiming that one is not stalking someone while posting photographs of the 
stalkee that can only be found by reading *a third party's* accounts on 
Facebook or other forums. 

- Not only admitting to getting underage girls drunk at a bar in an attempt to 
seduce them, but being so misogynist as to brag about it.

- Lying about other posters in an *admitted* attempt to harm their career. 

- Being so obsessed with someone he doesn't like as to write 40 posts in one 
day ragging on him, in between claiming to be enlightened and talking about how 
unattached he is, of course. 

I'm sure that others can think of other examples of "enlightened behavior" 
demonstrated in the past on FFL by the four people who have used the forum to 
proclaim their supposed enlightenment. Please share should help to 
expand the canon of knowledge about exactly what enlightenment is...

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