On 11/23/2014 8:26 PM, anartaxius wrote:
Were I to characterise Barry, I would say he is a terrorist in Beliefland. A belief is the pretence you know something you do not know, an opinion, an idea not supported by facts, unlike an informed belief which is more of an hypothesis that can stand additional testing. Like balloons floating in Disney World, mere beliefs, even if tightly held, are airy ideas that have no substance, and Barry is the pin that attempts to pop the pretence.
It is difficult for Barry, or anyone else, to teach others how to abandon their beliefs if they themselves have deep-seated beliefs of their own which conflict with their own pedagogy. We all have beliefs and we all have an ego that we protect. The problem with this teaching style is that it is easy to lapse into hypocrisy.

My style of teaching is similar to Barry's - /every statement, when taken to extremes, will be found to be self-contradictory/. The difference being that I /want/ to talk about my own cognitive dissonance and beliefs.

For example, a pretense that he witnessed Rama levitate up off of a sofa hundreds of times, is an easy target because it is obviously contrary to common sense, science and even to his own teaching. It was false on it's face and a mistake. Even more so when he is attempting to rid others of their beliefs! In fact, this sort of claim is almost pure self-deception.

To be confronted with one's own cognitive dissonance, at least for Barry, seems to be the most terrifying threat possible - to the point that he seems to be almost unable to discuss it with anyone. Barry is the loose pin that unraveled due to his own hubris. Go figure.

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