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 "Putting labels on people and dressing them up as poster people for the 
Movement because of their supposed state would be absurd" 


 What the hell do you think the TMO does when they parade all the Jerry 
Seinfields, Katy Perrys, Hugh Jackmans, David Lynches and so forth?!?!? 


 The big question is what do you think? I think the Movement is not saying 
they're enlightened but they are using the association with famous and talented 
and popular people with TM to further promote TM. They aren't claiming those 
people are enlightened, these people are being used as famous endorsements - 
just like they do in every other business that wants to sell a product.

 Its the same exact same thing - except rather than claim the nebulous elusive 
state of enlightenment, they are appealing to people's desire to be rich and 
famous, by touting the wealth and so-called success of the TM celebs, except 
when the turn out to be pedophiles - then they delete them from the TMO 
websites and claim it should have been done 2 years ago and they just forgot.

 Er, maybe but I rather think it is what I wrote in my first paragraph. But 
this is a very different thing than what we were talking about. We were talking 
about singling out individuals, everyday Joes, who have become enlightened and 
labeling them and publicizing them as such. You have taken the point and made 
it into something else completely. 


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