How? Variation of social behavior and ethics is called of “life in the body”. 
You and some of the other apostates here are trying hard in making rigid 
assumptions to have postulates of your own narrow ways about living 
enlightenment. Along with the OEM there is nature and there comes nurture in 
our culture of the living of life by virtue then of what comes with family, 
upbringing and a range of standard faculties one has in the world with the 
human form. Otherwise grouped as the range of human character that individuates 
us along with the possibility of enlightenment. Science now and the larger 
experience of sages tells us to make use of our time here and meditate with an 
effective transcending meditation as spiritual practice. Son on good advice, 
make haste! Make use of your time whilst yous gots a life on this planet. Or 
more succinctly said as Gandalf fairly says it, “Fly, you fools!”    Jai Guru 
Dev, -Buck in the Dome  mjackson74@...> wrote :

 How can an enlightened person be naive? 



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